Joining askNextDoor
Welcome! Whether you’re a Renter or Rentee you’ll need to sign up through the askNextDoor registration process which is easy, free and quick. All you need to do is click the JOIN US. IT’S FREE button on the homepage or click Login/Register in the top right-hand corner of the page. You’ll then be required to enter your details, and verify your account through the message we send to your personal email account. Once your account has been verified you’re free to start interacting with your neighbours!

Searching for Items to Rent
Searching for Items is so simple; all you need to do is type the suburb, city or postcode of your choice, then click GO to see what is available in that area. After selecting GO you can then browse by Category, using the side bar. Adjust the filters and settings to suit your individual preferences and requirements. Item images can be zoomed in by rolling the cursor over any part of the picture.
Click on an Item to select it, which will redirect you to the Item Information page and a full description of the details available for that Item.

Arranging a rental
Once you’ve found the perfect Item for your needs, simply click on the Make a Reservation button. You can then use the calendar to select your desired rental dates and the period of time you wish to rent the Item for. Click on the Finish Booking button to arrange the rental.
Note: You are also able to send a message to the Renter if you have any questions or specific requests.

Collection and return of an Item
Once the terms of a rental have been agreed upon by the Renter and Rentee, including the exchange of a deposit if requested by the Renter and delivery arrangements (if applicable), the process is complete and the Rentee is able to enjoy the benefits of using the Item for the agreed time period. At the end of the agreed rental period the deposit is refunded upon the Item’s returned in satisfactory used condition, and ready for its next rental. We recommend all Renters and Rentees then jump back on askNextDoor to leave a review of their experience, to better help other neighbours make educated decisions in the future…